ufcshotJeff “The Inferno” Joslin is a martial artist in the truest sense of the term. Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Jeff grew up engulfed in the martial arts. His father, Rick, a three-time Canadian karate champion, opened up the family academy back in 1967.

Starting his training at only five years of age, Joslin has developed tremendous depth in his martial arts skills. A black belt in both Karate (5th Degree) and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jeff has won over 200 first place titles in striking, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and submission wrestling competition spanning two decades. Jeff took gold at the Pan American BJJ championships — the first Canadian in history to do so– as a purple belt, is a Grappler’s Quest U.S Nationals submission wrestling champion and won the Arnold/Gracie World BJJ Championships open weight division as a brown belt.

Jeff possesses a unique mixed martial arts striking style that blends the best of his extensive karate and kickboxing background with the strong boxing skill set he developed through many years of training with some of Canada’s best boxers and trainers.

In mixed martial arts competition, Jeff is the Apex fighting Welterweight World Champion. Jeff has fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), TKO, Hardcore Championship fighting, and a number of other MMA events.

With over twenty years of coaching experience, Jeff has coached many amateur and professional fighters over the years and has a winning coaching percentage of greater than 85% in more than 60 fights.  He was also the head coach for Spencer Fisher’s UFC 120 Training Camp and spent 6 weeks in Iowa  getting Spencer ready for his fight in London, England: A fight that Spencer won by unanimous decision and earned him personal congratulations from both Dana White and UFC matchmaker Joe Silva.

Jeff co-hosted the MMA show, “In the Cage!”, along with the morning show’s Ben and Kerry,  on Y108 Radio. The three of them talked about MMA related events, upcoming fight cards and much more. Jeff, with his extensive background as both a coach and professional fighter, provided the listeners with a excitingly unique behind the scenes perspective on the rapidly growing sport of mixed martial arts. ==> Click here to listen to some of the shows highlights

Jeff also works as a professional commentator and has commentated numerous mixed martial arts events many of which have been aired on national television.

He has also been a featured guest on TSN’s popular television show “Off the Record” and has discussed, debated and explained the sport of mixed martial arts on many other television programs.

Here’s Jeff on TSN’s “Off the Record”

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